The End of a Late Night Era

Last week was the final episode of the The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. 16 years after taking over the show from previous host Craig Kilborn, Jon Stewart stepped down to hand the show off to South African correspondent and comedian Trevor Noah.  Love him or hate him you cannot deny the cultural and media impact that Stewart’s tenure has had in the last 16 years.  The show has garnered numerous awards from institutions such as the Emmy, Peabody, TIME, Critic’s Choice, and even Grammy among others.  Book authors have seen a noticeable push in sales and other television shows have met their demise after being interviewed by Stewart.  It definitely won’t be the same without him, but it is not the only change in late night here in the US.

In May, TV legend David Letterman handed over his show to comedian Stephen Colbert after 41 years on television in various mediums.  Again, one of those love him or hate him personalities, David pushed the envelope of comedy on television in ways that had never been seen before and have been duplicated ever since.

One other late night show worth mentioning is the lesser known Craig Ferguson who left the Late late show back in December to make way for his replacement James Corden.  Craig was very unique among the late night hosts not only because of his accent, but for the style of his show.  I can’t think of anyone else who could do puppets, a talking/gay/skeleton robot, a fake horse, and some of the weirder crazier interviews I can remember.

I speak to all of this because these three were a big part in my growing up. David Letterman was the very first person I can remember watching when I was able to stay awake past the nightly news.  My parents were Jay Leno fans, and rightfully so tried to steer me into his fan base. However their efforts were for naught.  David had a comedic wit and edginess that appealed to me more than the play-it-by the books safety net that became Jay Leno’s routine.  Whether it was his no prep interviews, the crazy cast of characters among his crew and neighboring business owners, the oddball segments with the audience or even the stupid pet and human tricks and the occasional dropping stuff off of the roof and into the streets of New York City, I was always entertained. I loved watching him so much that I used any excuse to stay up past bedtime to watch Letterman.  Even though college Letterman was a good excuse to take a break from studying. In recent years Letterman was not always my go to source for late night entertainment but he was always there to put a smile on my face when i needed it.

The Daily Show I discovered when I was in middle school, shortly after Jon Stewart took the reigns.  My golfing buddies (yes I golfed in middle school) and I were watching tv and turned it on.  Needless to say I was instantly hooked.  I had always taken the news for granted and here was this guy making fun of the news in a way that I hadn’t seen before.  At this time my family and I did not have cable so the only time I was able to see the The Daily Show was at a friend’s house.  In college the show became more relevant to me as my views on the world began to open up.  Despite the show leaning more the political left it did teach me one important lesson.  The lesson, as Stewart addressed in his farewell speech, is bullshit is everywhere.

Now despite the fact that The Daily Show is touted as a fake news show, I do fall into the trend of most Millennials in that I do get most of my news from shows like The Daily Show.  Is it my only news source? No. However, the show has opened up my eyes about where I do get my news information.  Leading me to seek out non biased news outlets and to seek out whether the latest spam news email merits and truthful value.

The last talent I would like to reference is Craig Ferguson.  I didn’t discover Ferguson’s charm until 4 years ago.  A few Youtube suggestions pointed me into his general direction, and oh boy did those suggestions make me laugh.  I loved his spontaneous humor, and his laid back demeanor.  As I mentioned earlier he employed the use of puppets, skits, no in house band, a gay skeleton robot, and a horse for a lot of his skits.  His brand of humor is not something that I believe Americans are used to which is why I believe not many people checked him out.  My friends and I who were fans of the show have a merry time watching clips and spouting one liners that had us laughing out loud.  I urge you to seek out some his clips, they are worth a good healthy laugh. Interestingly enough Craig, like Jon Stewart, also took the reigns of his show from comedian Craig Kilborn.  While Ferguson may not have broke any new ground in comedy and late night he still managed to garner a loyal following, a Peabody Award, and give American audiences a refreshingly different if not always successful worldly view of comedy.

Now I know that this article has nothing to do with wrestling or combat sports.  However, the name of this blog is “Singlets and STUFF” so this would relate to the “stuff” portion of the blog.  I wanted to give you a glimpse into some of my favorites in entertainment.  Most of you know who these men are and the legacies they are leaving behind. But for those of you who don’t know about these 3 great comedic hosts I hope that this article will compel you to seek out some clips online and maybe enjoy, as I have, the great comedy that they have left us.

Movie Review: SOUTHPAW

Hello to you, my avid fans.  Today, I will be doing my first review of a movie.   The movie in question is Southpaw the latest film from director Antoine Fuqua (Training DayShooter) and starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Forrest Whitaker, and Rachel McAdams.  It is a boxing movie about a lightweight champion at the top of his game who, after a tragic event, spirals downward hitting absolute rock bottom, and must battle his way back to the top.  If this sounds like a movie you have seen before…well…it is…unfortunately.


I went into this movie with low expectations after watching the trailer.  Not only that but I haven’t really been a fan of the director’s past work.  Training Day and King Arthur are about the only movies in the man’s resume that I enjoyed watching on some level.  He seems to be one of these directors that doesn’t really bring anything new to the table, playing it safe and banking on what has already been proven to work, and it shows here in this movie.

Another person I want to note is the writer, Kurt Sutter.  You probably haven’t heard of this guy unless you watch television.  This is Kurt’s first foray into movies.  His television credits are for writing, producing, directing, and acting several episodes of The ShieldSons of Anarchy, and the upcoming period drama The Bastard Executioner.  Both Sutter and Fuqua mesh well here in this movie because, well they both exhibit the same style and tone as showcased in all of their previous work.  While I have only seen a handful of episodes of The Shield and Sons of Anarchy, I hear how good the two shows are so I am disappointed that Sutter’s supposed skill doesn’t show up in the script. Perhaps he should stick to television.


If you haven’t guessed by this point I wasn’t at all thrilled with this movie.  Southpaw suffers mainly because of the writing and directing.  The movie feels like the studio threw money at these guys and said “make a boxing movie.”  Well, that’s exactly what they did.  They took everything that works well for a boxing movie and said “you’re welcome.” There in lies the problem. The movie is a tired retread of the same boxing formula and nothing new is brought to the table.

The performances are good, don’t get me wrong, but even their acting can’t pull this movie higher than what the movie has set out to be.


I had several issues with the movie, I won’t go into too much detail but just for safety sake there may be minor *SPOILERS* up ahead.

In the movie Jake Gyllenhaal’s character, Billy, suffers a terrible tragedy and ends up losing all of his money, but it’s never quite explained how much time has passed or where all of the money is going.  Its only implied that he is living a lavish lifestyle and in a month or so and he is already broke.  Also, the police work following the tragedy is cliched and very groan worth, bad police work which leads to a “revenge” fight in the climax of the film.  From here Billy makes all the wrong choices and loses custody of his daughter, the loss of his boxing license, his house, processions, and his promoter.  In other words, he hits rock bottom.


We are then given the “hero must find a down and out trainer to build him back up.” Forest Whitaker is the trainer in question. However, he doesn’t train pro fighters, for reasons unkown, but for reasons unexplained he breaks this rule and ends up training him up to his comeback fight. During this time too we are introduced to a minor character, plot line, and subsequent off screen death that is supposed to bring more emotion to the already tragedy stricken plot.  The problem is the character is on screen for so little time and so poorly built that I didn’t really feel anything for the character.  Honestly, the movie would not have been affected if said character/plot was dropped. It only leads to a half assed speech and motivation for Billy and his trainer.

Also the entire movie’s timeline is not specifically stated but probably happens in a time frame of 6 months, maybe 8, but it’s definitely no where near a full year.   I have a problem with this because I feel like there is no way in hell that everything in this movie would happen in that short amount of time.  I am all for suspension of disbelief in movies, but this movie tries so much to root itself in reality that the viewer isn’t really allowed to suspend disbelief in the plot. There are other story threads and character development that make no sense as well, but that is probably best argued for another time.

At the end of the day, i give the move 2 out of 5 stars Knockouts.  The acting and fight choreography was good, and Jake Gylenhaal is very hot without his shirt. If you are a die hard boxing movie fan you will enjoy the film.  Me, on the other hand, I was hoping for something more.

P.S. I would like to formally ask Hollywood to create a boxing and/or mma movie where the characters aren’t stereotypical, incoherent, sub-par educated, d-bags…PLEASE!

JOTD: Cassidy Haley, “This Time”

Today’s Jam of the Day I stumbled upon while looking for examples of “fight photography and art” and google brought this video to my attention.  Now the concept of an underground fight club or a fight contest between two men is nothing new.  In fact it seems like they are a dime a dozen these days.  However, this may be the most homoerotic video I have ever seen.  Take a look.

Now, I am not quite sure what is up with the avant garde looking crowd, but the action in the ring is a lil more than suggestive.  Dare I say this is the first “fight club” type video to feature the fighters kissing?  The two men certainly hit the spot for fighter physiques and the fight choreography is above par.  Also it really helped to have then men in tight trunks, another thing you don’t see a lot of in the mainstream.  Overall, this video definitely peeked the gay side of me and I am more curious now about the thought process behind this video and the artist Cassidy Haley.  What do you guys think?  Can anyone give me other examples of fight club themed music videos?

Its Been a Long Time Coming

Holy Crap peoples! February!? Its July now!!!  I know its been a long hiatus from this blog but I feel like writing this weekend so stay tuned.

Coming up…the most homoerotic music video I have seen since…well…ever!  After that my thoughts on David Letterman and his final show (I know 2 months after the fact).  What I have been doing this summer and what I plan to do.

Another Year Older, Another Year Wiser (maybe)


Hello again, yes I am far behind on my promise to blog once a week, needless to say I have some catching up to do.  So some of you may have noticed via Facebook and a few other websites that my birthday is coming up.  Yes its that time of year when everyone dreads adding another tally to that thing we call age.

This year is my last year as a 20 something. By the way, thank you you to everyone who compliments me on not looking my age.  So for this blog I thought I would talk about what has been going on in my life so far and what I look forward to in the next year of my life.


To start, family.  I don’t talk much about my family because I prefer to keep them out of the spotlight.  But I do love my family and am very thankful with their support.  This past year I came out to them and brought home my first boyfriend, they were as cool as can be with the idea of bi/gay son.  Even my grandparents were cool with it too!  While I am no longer with that first bf, I am in another relationship and cannot wait for them to meet him.  Also, I too am keeping my boyfriend out of the spotlight so please do not ask for any pictures.  He will show his face when I have his permission to show it.  My family is also expanding too.  I welcomed a sister-in-law, a sister-in-law-to-be, and two new nephews (i.e. future wrestlers/fighters) expecting arrival over the next few months!


Training wise, my pro wrestling skills continue to improve and I am learning a few new moves every year.  I have even enlisted a friend to give me a few private lessons in an actual ring to help me in my videos.  Who knows I may make an appearance at an Indy show this year, but its something that I am keeping on the back burner for now.  In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu I am preparing for my blue belt.  Its been a long time coming and I am excited to add a new color to my belt collection and climb further up on the skill ladder.  The same goes for Muay Thai Kickboxing. I will be testing for what we call shirts at my gym (as opposed to belts).  I am looking at a blue shirt in my future.  Boxing and MMA are going smoothly as well, and much like pro wrestling, I am hoping to do an official sanctioned match this year.


I love staying in shape and in addition to all of that training I have been lifting more in an effort to put my body into the best shape of it’s life.  Now the weight is hard for me to put on but I am happy to report that I am back up to 155 lbs and aiming for 160 over the next two months. Wish me luck!


Onto the video front.  This has been the busiest year so far for me in my wrestling career.  Not only has UCW been growing (fingers crossed we can move into a new facility this year), but I am more easy than ever to find on the internet.  If you like me as a face outside of the traditional ring then you have UCW (  If you like me in real submission wrestling matches there is Movimus Wrestling ( under the name Case “CT” Thorton.  If you like to see me as a heel beating on the muscle boys why not check out Rock Hard Wrestling (  To see me as a heel doing one sided beatdowns or other crazy stuff (vampires) then Cameron Matthews site ( is there to service you. Finally, even though I haven’t wrestled for them in a while and I do know they have some matches saved in the vault, for everything else in between there is BG East (


There are more things to come this year, I know it. Maybe a full time job as a personal trainer? Maybe an acting role on a webseries? Maybe modeling for an ad or magazine? Who knows, but I am going to make it the best!


Feel free to wish me a Happy Birthday on February 25th via Facebook (, Twitter (@EthanAxelAndrew), or Instagram (@ethanaxelandrews).  For those of you wishing to send something more physical in terms of a gift or card you may do so by mailing to this address; Tovar Entertainment, Attn. Ethan Axel Andrews, P.O. Box 151, Woodlyn, PA 19094.

Next blog will be up in a few days…promise!

Favorite Comics: Daredevil


Keeping up with my New Year Resolutions I blogging once again, and reading more, specifically, comic books.   Over the break I used some of my Christmas gift money to purchase some comics.  Not the single issue monthly comics, but instead the bound collections.  I haven’t read comics since I was a kid when my parents would purchase X-Men to help me get into reading.  I am not quite sure why I stopped reading.  I never had any complaints about reading comics.  The colorful pages, the compelling stories, and fantastical always had my attention.  Whatever the reason may be I am back into it now.

Over the Christmas break I put some of my Christmas gift money to good use. After stopping at a local comic book store, I picked up DaredevilThe Sandman, and Moon Knight.  The Sandman series is not to be confused with the villain in the Marvel Universe.


First up, Matt Murdock, aka Daredevil, aka the “Man Without Fear”.  The origins of Daredevil vary but most agree on this.  Matt was the son of a widowed boxer “Battlin” Jack Murdock.   Matt was a book worm and worked to do well in school, but also secretly wished to be a great fighter like his dad and took lessons behind his back.  Matt was blinded in an accident where radioactive liquid spilled into his eyes.  As a result, his four other senses were heightened to superhuman abilities giving him  a radar like ability.  As a child he stayed away from fighting with other kids and was taunted, being called a daredevil.

Matt’s father Jack was faced with a fading career.  In fear that he would not be able to provide for Matt he got involved with a crooked businessman called the Fixer.  Through him Jack was on the rise back to being a star boxer.  On the night Matt came to “watch” his fight, Jack ignored orders to throw the fight and instead beat his opponent.  This lead to the Fixer murdering Jack and leading Matt down the path to become Daredevil.

Matt continued his studies and became a lawyer.  His heightened sense of hearing helped turn him into a human lie detector, able to listen to the heartbeats of the people he interrogated.  Matt created the persona of Daredevil to do what he could not do in the courtroom. Unbound by rules, protected by the mask he could become the vigilante of Hell’s Kitchen, his home  in New York City.


While I love the fantastical, mystical powers and superhuman forms and abilities, Daredevil does not hold any such abilities save for his heightened senses.  A master boxer, wrestler, martial artist, and acrobat he uses his fighting skills along with an augmented cane/staff to subdue his opponents rather than cosmic abilities.  Being a fellow boxer/wrestler/martial artist myself I can come to appreciate this.

When it comes to the timeless debate between DC or Marvel I constantly find myself favoring Marvel.  I identify more often with the characters in the Marvel Universe.  While I don’t have any issues with my parent’s I have felt like an outsider before.  As a kid I wasn’t always on the playground playing with my fellow peers, at the time I had no interest in physical activity. Instead, I was usually inside the classroom studying or, more often than not,  I was trying to complete homework at the 11th hour right before a deadline.  Then around 6th grade I watched my first boxing match and fell in love with the sport and wrestling shortly there after.  In a way, you can see some of the parallels between Murdoch and I in our youth. When I set out on my professional wrestling career I set out to represent the bullied and the weak, much like Matt defending the defenseless in Hell’s Kitchen.


This is a great year to be a Daredevil fan too!  Soon the awful Ben Affleck incarnation will be a thing of the past.  In early 2013 the movie rights for all things Daredevil reverted back to Marvel from 20th Century Fox.  As a result Marvel Studios have teamed up with Netflix to produce 4, not 1, but 4 tv series and a miniseries team-up featuring Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and the team up miniseries The Defenders.  The “Man Without Fear” this time around is Charlie Cox (Stardust, Boardwalk Empire).


One can’t help but get excited, given Marvel Studios success on the big and small screens in recent years. Maybe even a Daredevil appearance in The Avengers? Now maybe if Marvel could get the rights for Spiderman back from Sony, and X-Men from Fox, we could have one hell of an Avengers team-up.  But that discussion is for another time.  In the mean time I hope you all too will visit your local comic store and discover your favorite comic book character.  The people there are usually knowledgeable about the products they sell and can help you find the perfect comic for you.


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